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Welcome to RackType Hosting Services Hosting Plan Details Want some help selecting a plan or settign up your website ?? Have a look at our help forums or lodge a service ticket. Take one of our basic plans and build on it. Links of interest Need additional information not on our site? Please send us an e-mail and one of our team will get back to you.

Help @ RackType.Com

If your question is not answered below please email: help@racktype.com

Q. Do you offer free trial periods?

A. Yes. We offer a 5-day free trial period with no purchase required. Simply fill out our free trial request form (currently not available) and we will create your account for you. You are then required to pay on or before the 5 days are over to prevent suspension and ultimately termination of your account. We also give you a 30 day money back promise.

Q. Is my credit card information safe with you?

A. As we use a respected third party credit card processor, we don't have your credit card information at any stage. Therefore we don't store your credit card information on our system. We believe that your credit card information is totally secure.

Q. Do you offer unlimited bandwidth?

A. No, it is not possible to offer unlimited bandwidth at all. That would be lying to our customers. Like everybody else, we are required to pay for the amount of bandwidth we consume to our upstream provider. We then in turn pass this fee to our customers in order to provide enough resources. This will apply across the board with other hosts not just us.

Q. Can I host adult related sites?

A. No, we do not allow adult content.

Q. Do you allow MP3 files? Do you allow streaming of videos?

A. Yes, we have no problem as long as those MP3's and video files are legitimate. Please make sure you select the proper plan which allows it. We suggest a higher bandwidth and space plan because most likely, since you are serving MP3s and videos, they tend to be bigger files and once they are streamed they consume a lot of bandwidth.

Q. How long does it take for my account to be activated?

A. Accounts are usually activated within a 24 hour period or after confirmation of payment. In the case of requests for a 5-day trial period without initial payment, accounts are activated upon receipt of the request.

Q. I don't have a credit card, what other methods of payment is there?

A. We accept online direct deposits into our bank account email: accounts@racktype.com for details.

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A. Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for cause on all hosting and reseller service plans. Cause is any demonstrated failure on our part to deliver services purchased. If you can provide us with a reason that we failed to provide the services you purchased from us we will be more than happy to give you a refund.

Q. Are there any setup fees to set up a hosting account?

A. Yes, we charge a $1 setup fees for new accounts on all our hosting plans.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

A. No, there are no hidden fees. What you see listed on our website is the cost you will be paying. We also do not charge a termination fee.

Q. What if I need to upgrade/downgrade my account plan?

A. You are free to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime during your stay with us. There are no additional charges for your change of plan. Just contact us.

Q. How do you handle technical support?

A. In the event that you require technical support for your hosting account, you may contact us using the following methods:

Q. What if I exceed my bandwidth allowance?

A. Your site will be temporarily inaccessible. To avoid this you should inform us that you are willing to pay additional bandwidth fees or upgrade your current plan that will fit your website traffic. For customers do who exceed their bandwidth allowance, you will be charged $1.00 / 100 MB (as rounded up/down to the nearest 100 MB).

Q. Do I have to have a domain in order to host with you?

A. No, you don't need a domain in order to host with us. You may use our subdomain for free. We require that you inform us of the domain name you prefer though, so that we can set it up along with your account. Note that this does not include domain registration.

Q. What happens if you change your offered plans after I have ordered?

A. If we change our plan offerings after you ordered, your account will not be affected. However, upon the renewal of your package or if you order another package, you will be charged the current fee.

Technical Questions

Q. What servers do you run?

A. Our servers is the following:

- Red Hat Linux 9.0
- DUAL Intel Xeon's 2.4Ghz Hyper-threading
- 512K Cache
- 1GB DDR EEC Reg Memory

Q. Where is your servers located?

A. Our servers are located at a the superb data center:

ThePlanet - Dallas, Texas, USA

Q. What are RackType's Domain Name Servers (DNS)?

A. Our DNS are as follows:


Q. Do you support ASP?
A. No, we do not support ASP.

Q. Do you support ColdFusion?
A. No, we do not support ColdFusion.

Q. Do you support JSP and its servelets?
A. No, we do not support JSP and its servelets.

Q. Do you support FrontPage extensions?
A. No, we do not support FrontPage extensions.

Q. Do you allow PHP scripts?
A. Yes Absoluteley, we support PHP scripts.

Q. Do you allow CGI scripts?
A. Yes, we allow CGI Scripts.

Q. What version of perl are you running?
A. Our server runs Perl 5.8.1

Q. What version of PHP are you running?
A. Our server uses PHP 4.3.8

Q. How do I enable SSI in my HTML pages?
A. To take advantage of Server Side Includes(SSI) in your web page, make sure the web page has the extension .SHTML and not .HTML

Q. Do you support international domains?
A. Yes, we support international domains.

Q. Do you offer Windows based hosting accounts?
A. No, we don't provide Windows based hosting.

Q. I have a script that is very complicated to install. Can you install it for me?
A. Yes, we can install it for you. Note though that we do not provide free support for script installation, configuration and debugging. We can provide basic script installations for a minimum of $25 / script install (may increase depending on how complicated the script is).


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